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Strategic Planning Includes Succession Planning   Leave a comment

Top 10 rules for strategic planning:
1. Clearly and simply articulate your shareholders’ long term goals.
2. Identify short and medium terms objectives to get there.
3. Communicate these goals and objectives to the organization so that all activity is aligned with the objectives and the organization is engaged.
4. Identify the milestones that show the organization that these objectives are being met.
5. Identify the key risks and threats that can get in the way of meeting these objectives and how to mitigate these risks and threats.
6. Identify the resources and core competencies needed to achieve these objectives.
7. Ensure that these resources and competencies are present.
8. Ensure that there is appropriate back up for these resources and competencies. Plan for succession and knowledge retention.
9. Lead from the top and let mistakes happen.
10. Unleash your organization’s potential.