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Just getting started here.  Lots going on with some fascinating and diverse projects underway.  My role is helping to get top level strategies worked out and implemented. Yes, I am very hands on to get things done.

Most important always is getting the story right and expressed in simple terms. This makes it easy for all stakeholders to understand the business and it means that it can be communicated clearly in 10-15 seconds.  

I once coached the CEO of an early stage tech company on a VC presentation. His power point was so technical that I could not understand the underlying business proposition. We worked on that and turned it around to present the market problem and his solution. The tech stuff was only facilitating the solution – once he understood this he could easily explain his business model.  He was awarded Best Presentation at the show.

For me, it is all about asking questions and getting my clients to reveal the real value that they bring to their customers. Then we can restate their value proposition with clarity and precision.

Posted December 9, 2010 by Robert Coatsworth in Business Strategy

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